Tank Scales

Scale Designs designs and manufactures standard and custom tank scales. Our primary focus has been on manufacturing NTEP Certified stainless steel fertilizer hopper scales and blender scales. Our fertilizer scales are designed to last as long, or longer, than your stainless steel tanks. We build stainless steel fertilizer blender scales, hopper scales, general purpose hopper scales, tank scales, fertilizer dealer scale management systems and general purpose custom scales and weighing systems. Initially our scales were mostly to retrofit hoppers and blenders manufactured by Adams, A. J. Sackett, Burton, Doyle, Kraus, Layco, R & R, Ranco, Speed King, Tyler, Waconia and/or almost any 5 to 12 ton capacity blender/hopper/tank.

Now, some smart buyers are ordering tanks, hoppers, bins and blending systems without the scales so they can use our near maintenance free stainless steel scales that will last as long or longer than the stainless steel tanks, blenders, bins and hoppers.


NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition
NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition
NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition

If you don’t need NTEP certified scales (legal for trade required in all but four states) but you do want accurate weighing systems we can provide mounts like those below with load cells and the accompanying hardware. If you can mount the tank, hopper, container, whatever on 3-6 legs, we provide the equipment for an accurate scale (weighing system).



You provide the tank or container with matching connections (we’ll provide drawings with required matching dimensions) and we will provide the scale hardware and software for weighing tank contents.

Tank Scale  Kits include:

(1.) 3 or 4  - Compression Mounts with  NTEP Certified load cells
(2.) 1  - Stainless Steel signal trim junction box
(3.) 1  - 25’ hostile environment cable

After assembly you will need to connect a digital indicator (to display weight and other functions). We will provide indicator options or you can get your own.


Tank Mounts
Load Cells

Complete Tank Scale Kit includes:

  • NTEP certified load cells
  • Mounts
  • Signal trim junction box
  • 25’ hostile environment cable
  • Add an indicator that simply displays weight or add one with programmable macros, databases, data registers for mixing, matching and/or to control gates, conveyors, flow, etc. Do it yourself (DIY).